Vocation:  A decision of the heart

 “A vocation is a call from God to do something. The vocation of the Apostles was a call from God to implant the faith throughout the world; the vocation of a religious is a call from God to observe the Rules of religious life; the vocation of married persons is a call from God to serve Him in establishing a family and raising children; …” (Saint Vincent de Paul)

From the moment of our baptism we have been anointed and called to follow the path the Lord has set out for us to follow. We are called as individuals to answer to our call to be “saints.” As distant that may sound, it is reached after each person has answered to their own personal calling and followed faithfully in their own “vocation” whatever that may be… each one is a blessing, unique and important for the life of the church, for the continuance of the mission and the good of all.

“Solid holiness consists in this: doing well what you do, in conformity to your vocation.” (Saint Vincent de Paul)

Over four hundred years ago a simple man became a good priest.  He continued his journey to discover his true vocation which was to become priest called to follow Christ evangelizer of the poor. This did not happen overnight, and the effect that it had upon the church of France and the world then can still be felt today.

Today the need continues to be calling for men to come and continue that wonderful work. Our province started in 1860. Even though the congregation had its origin in France, we were founded by the Italian province and have never looked back.

We live and work mostly on the Eastern Coast of the United States, but we also have our great mission in Panama for the last hundred years. We are over a hundred and twenty confreres, brothers and priests responding to the mission by bringing our gifts to the table and sharing that same desire to follow Christ evangelizer of the poor.

Life in community is not always easy, but then nothing worthwhile truly is. One thing we can say that it is a blessing and community denominator that gives impulse to all we are called to do.

Do you think God is calling you? Do you think it might through a community? Do you think it is by of service to the poor? Do you have what it takes? Do you want to enter into dialogue to discover if this is for you? You may not have the answers to all the questions, you have some doubts in yourself, but remember that to truly discover what you are called to do in life, the first thing you have to do is take a confident step in answering with all your heart. “Here I am Lord.” Hopefully we can be of help to help you discover, and reach your vocation. Be blessed.

“Let’s be courageous! Let’s go wherever God may call us. He will be our provider, let’s not fear anything” (Saint Vincent de Paul)


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