Higher education

The Vincentian Charism is evident at the universities we sponsor as a province, not only in the many images of St. Vincent de Paul and other Vincentian saints throughout campuses, but also in the spirit evident in the faculty, staff and student body.  Unique initiatives and programs give form to the mission of these universities, such as Niagara University’s emphasis on Service-Learning and St. John’s University’s commitment to Vincentian formation and service as part of the student experience.

As Vincentian priests and brothers we serve as administrators, trustees, faculty members, and campus ministers to a combined total of over 22,000 students. Though different in size and scope, both schools provide high quality, value-centered Vincentian education possessing the characteristic spirit of St. Vincent de Paul who championed the needs of the poor.

Niagara University

“St. Vincent de Paul… inspired and organized his contemporaries to serve the poor and oppressed. In this spirit, we strive to develop leaders who will make a difference in their local communities and the larger world. We teach students about the challenges and causes of poverty, and we support service learning activities where our students reach out with compassion to serve people’s basic needs.” (from Vincentian Tradition, Niagara University  website)

St. John’s University

“St. Vincent’s teachings form the core of St. John’s philosophy, which is driven by a passion for education and guided by a simple truth: Higher education is about more than getting a job; it’s about learning how to make a difference in the world.” (from Vincentian Heritage, St. John’s University website)