Meet Our Seminarians


Luis Romero

3rd Theology

Age: 32

Family Home: Hempstead, New York.

Likes to: Travel, listen to music, and watch movies.



“I am attracted by the mission of the Congregation to serve Christ in the poor. It helps me to meet people where they are at and accompany those in most need.”

Leo Tiburcio

3rd Theology

Age: 40

Family Home: Santa María Zacatepec, Cholula Puebla, México

Likes to: watch soccer, run, bicycling, and read.



“I want to share God’s love and mercy with marginalized people.”

Erik Sanchez

1st Theology

Age: 28

Family Home: Choluteca, Honduras

Likes to: Hike, play soccer, read the Scriptures, and learn about astronomy.



“I realized that helping people, celebrating the sacraments, and announcing God’s love and peace to others is what I wanted to do since I was a child in my country”.

Thomas King

1st Theology

Age: 26

Family Home: Oakdale, NY

Likes to: Hike, play guitar, listen to music, explore new cities, go out with friends and family



“The Vincentians I have met are joyful people. I heard a call that asked me to set aside time to look more closely at living a life of service to the poor centered on the love of Christ Jesus.”

Internal Seminary

Walner Diaz 

Internal Seminary

Age: 30

Family Home: San Simon, Morazan El Salvador.

Likes to: play guitar and work out.



“I believe God has given me a profound desire to serve the poor in the Vincentian spirit.”

Cong Le

Internal Seminary


Home: Greensboro, NC

Likes to: read, play and watch soccer, and prepare Vietnamese food for my brother seminarians!



“I want to be priest, and to serve among the poor in the Vincentian way.”

Jimmy Muller

Internal Seminary

Age: 25

Family Home: Stewartstown, PA

Likes to: Play soccer, work out, hang out with friends



“I feel that God is leading me down a path that will help me grow more deeply as a person.”

Miraculous Medal House

Victor Manuel Salmerón

2nd College, Philosophy

Age: 23

Family Home: El Salvador

Likes to:  Listen to music, play guitar, soccer, and read.



“I want to follow Jesus faithfully by serving poor people in the way of St. Vincent.” 

Milton Lara

1st College, Philosophy

Age: 28

Family Home: Santa Barbara, Honduras

Likes to: Play soccer, watch movies, read, and have fun with friends.



 “For me, the Vincentian charism is the best way to accomplish my goal of answering God’s call. I wish to serve to God, together with others in a community serves the poor. In doing this, we draw closer to God’s love.


Wilber Mejia

1st College, Philosophy

Age: 27

Family Home: Usulután, El Salvador

Likes to: run and swim.


“The fundamental reason I took to join Vincentian Community is to follow Jesus by serving the poor. The Vincentian community is characterized by service to the poorest of the poor.”

Vy Tuan Nguyen

1st College, Philosophy

Age: 19

Family Home: Vietnam

Likes to: read



“I want to learn how to understand and practice an apostolic spirituality.”

José Alexander Palacios

1st College, Philosophy

Age: 29

Family Home: Corinto, El Salvador

Likes to: Play soccer, bike, play piano, and read.



“Only in Jesus and through the Vincentian charism do I find happiness. I want to follow Him by serving the poor.”

Juan Ajanel

College, English

Age: 25

Family Home: Guatemala

Likes to: play guitar and read.



“I am attracted by the missionary charism of the Vincentians.”

Juan Carlos Perez

College, English


Family Home: Puebla Mexico
Likes to: Listen to music and read, especially books related to the spiritual life.

“I want to know God through service to most needy. This is the ministry of the Vincentians.”

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