International Ministries

As an international congregation, with more than 4,000 priests and brothers in 86 countries, our sense of identity moves beyond the geographical boundaries of our province.  Two fformer Superiors General, Gregory Gay, and Robert Maloney have served the international community.

International Missions:

  • China – Our province served in the China mission for many years until the communist takeover forced the expulsion of our missionaries in the middle of last century.
  • Panama – The Panama Mission began in service of the English-speaking population in the then Canal Zone in 1914.  Through the invitation of various bishops, we soon found ourselves working in Spanish in various parts of the country where we continue to serve in mission and urban parishes.  The majority of Eastern Province Vincentians serving in Panama today are native Panamanians. We have celebrated 100 years of service of the Panamanian people.

Eastern Province members serving the Church and International Community:

  • Robert Maloney – Former Superior General of the Congrgation of the Mission now serving as Project DREAM Coordinator combatting AIDS in AFRICA
  • John Prager – Director of the Daughters of Charity, Ecuador (over 300 sisters)
  • John Freund – Formerly Director of FAMVIN.ORG Internet projects is still serving FAMVIN.ORG and CMGLOBAL in a variety of capacities.
  • Joseph Agostino – Coordinator of various international projects…
    • Vincentian Family Haiti Initiative
    • Vincentian Family Collaboration Commission
    •  VFCC Project Design Team
    • Preparatory Commission for 2013 Visitors Meeting
  • Bishop David O’Connell, Bishop of Trenton and former President of the Catholic University of America