The Eastern Province is a province of  Congregation of the Mission, often known as Vincentian Fathers and Brothers or Lazarists, is a community of Roman Catholic priests and brothers founded by St. Vincent de Paul in 1625 for the evangelization of the poor and the formation of the clergy. Vincentian priests and brothers total almost 4000 worldwide and serve in 86 countries. Members of the community serve Christ among the poor  and the marginalized. (See map.) Vincent de Paul was born in the village of Pouy in 1581. As a boy he lived among the poor and experienced the conditions under which they lived. In 1600 he became a priest. For a time he sought to escape from the poverty of his origins, but with the help of spiritual directors he felt himself called to deeper holiness and, through the events of his life, was finally led by divine providence to a firm determination to dedicate himself to the salvation of the poor. While he was exercising his ministry in Gannes and, on the 25th of January 1617, in Folleville, he saw that the evangelization of the poor was an urgent need. He himself held that this was the origin of his vocation, and of the Congregation of the Mission. We are just one province within a community of priests and brothers that serve the poor in 86 countries around the world. (Click on the graphic below to visit an interactive version)

 We are called to serve…
  • The abandoned, those rejected by society, the poor, the lonely
  • Those who suffer from forms of moral poverty which are peculiar to our own times.
  • The implementation of the demands of social justice and evangelical charity.

We do this in the following locations…

New YorkPennsylvaniaNorth Carolina, Alabama  Republic of Panama

Complete list of Houses

Provincial Offices

St. Vincent’s Seminary

500 East Chelten Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19144
Email: cmphila88@aol.com
International Curia
Curia Generaliza
Congregazione della Missione
Via dei Capasso, 30
00164 Roma (RM)Tel. 06-661-30-61
Fax 06-666-38-31
Email cmcuria@cmglobal.org

How you can support us


Other ways

  • Prayer
  • Time
  • Talent


What You Can Do


“God demands first of all the heart, and then the work” –St. Vincent (Leonard, 4:114). Think about your reasons for wanting to be a Vincentian volunteer: What appeals to you about this work? What gifts and qualities will you bring? Which projects appeal to you most? What experiences have you had which would help in your service? What would you hope to gain from living and sharing with other volunteers? What fears might you have? What gifts and personal qualities could you contribute to the community? How is your Christian faith integrated into your life? How might volunteering help to deepen your faith? Scroll down to the links for a listing of Vincentian volunteer opportunities.

Activism & Advocacy

Strive to serve as a “Voice of the Poor” wherever and whenever you can.


Donating and micro-lending are simple and effective ways to join in the work of the Kingdom of God. (For example, see Zafen.) Vincentian Solidarity Office Projects urgently needing funding The Patrimony Fund Project


Like many other religious orders, our congregations are suffering badly from a chronic shortage of vocations. As a result, a diminishing number of aging women and men religious are trying their best to respond to the changing needs of the Church. Please pray for vocations, asking the Lord to send forth laborers into the harvest. Scroll down for links to the vocations offices of the major branches of the Vincentian Family.

Vincentian Leadership

Our founders, in their lives and works, truly modeled for us what it means to be visionary, socially responsible leaders. St. Vincent in particular was certainly in many ways an organizational and management genius. Think about these questions:

  • What is my sense of commitment to the broader human community and world?
  • How well do I know the Vincentian vision and values?
  • How comfortable am I with hearing ideas that differ from my own?
  • How am I living my commitment to contribute to my communities?
  • Can I inspire others through my actions and words?

Missionary Work

Interested in an actual and personal relationship with persons from another culture? This is a beautiful way of living, as described in this excerpt from the Congregation of the Mission Constitutions of 1980:

  1. Clear and expressed preference for the apostolate among the poor, since their evangelization is the sign that the kingdom of God is present on earth (cf. Mt 11:5);
  2. Attention to the realities of present-day society, especially to the factors that cause an unequal distribution of the world’s goods, so that we can better carry out our prophetic task of evangelization;
  3. Some sharing in the condition of the poor, so that not only will we attend to their evangelization, but that we ourselves may be evangelized by them;
  4. Genuine community spirit in all our apostolic works, so that we may be supported by one another in our common vocation;
  5. Readiness to go to any part of the world, according to the example of the first missionaries of the Congregation

Various kinds of support

  • Prayer
  • Time
  • Talent
  • Treasure

How to provide financial support

  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • Legacy gifts

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