Statue of Our Lady of Monserrate in Ecaudor

Statue of the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Monserrate in Montecristi, Ecuador

Statue of Virgin Mary Becomes a Beacon of Hope Amid the Ruins

The Statue of the Virgin Mary, Our Mother of Monserrate, stands just three feet tall. Yet, despite its small size, it has never failed to stir the religious imagination of Catholics in Montecristi, Ecuador.

Since the statue’s arrival from Spain in the 16th century, local people have venerated the statue and have revered the Virgin Mary. For the men and women of Montecristi, the Virgin Mary is their Mother. She is ready to embrace them, comfort them in their sorrows, and take their prayers to her son, Jesus Christ.

Today, the Catholics of Montecristi are praying before the statue of the Virgin Mary with renewed vigor. Amid the devastation left by last Saturday’s massive earthquake, the Statue of Our Mother of Monserrate not only survived, but miraculously emerged from the rubble of the local basilica undamaged.

As a result, the Statue of Our Mother of Monserrate has become a symbol of hope to the people of Montecristi. It represents the town’s deep faith and its ability to endure great hardship.

The statue’s survival also signals that the Virgin Mary remains with the people. She stands tall amid the rubble. She continues to provide comfort and consolation to so many who have endured enormous destruction and loss of life … with its many tears. And, as always, she never ceases to bring the peoples’ needs to her son, Jesus Christ.

Here’s a link to The New York Times article.