Celebrating 170 Years of Vincentians in Philadelphia




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Sent to Evangelize the Poor

We follow the call of Jesus Christ to share the good news with the poor, marginalized and abandoned in society.

Together in the Mission

We serve in multiple missions, parishes, and universities in the eastern United States of America.

Patron of Charity

St. Vincent de Paul, patron saint of charity, founded the Congregation of the Mission 400 years ago in France.

40 Days. 40 Stories. Lent 2019

As Vincentians, we seek Christ in the faces and hearts of the people we encounter every day. Throughout the Lenten season, men and women just like you will share stories of how they have encountered Christ in their lives. Join us on this journey of faith, and dive deeper into the heart of Christ this Lent! 

A Rich Heritage

In 2017, the Congregation of the Mission, together with the other branches of the Vincentian family, celebrate 400 years of living our mission of evangelizing the poor with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the Eastern Province, our priests’ and brothers’ legacy of service extends over 200 years, and has spanned the United States, South America and Asia, with missions in China, Panama, and Bolivia.

Vibrant in Faith

The Congregation of the Mission’s Eastern Province serves Philadelphia, New York, and small cities and towns on the east coast of the United States and missions in Panama.

Embracing all Cultures and Peoples

We believe that each person was created by God to be loved and cherished. We celebrate the diversity of cultures, peoples and languages, and especially focus on ministry to the cultural minorities in the United States.  Together, we are a people of God united in mission, and believe that the saving Gospel message of Christ was meant for all.

A Timeless Faith

We follow Jesus Christ, evangelizer of the poor, and keep St. Vincent de Paul’s missionary fire of charity burning brightly in our ministerial and pastoral services to the poor, abandoned, and marginalized. In addition to providing spiritual care to those in our communities, we advocate for social justice, after the teachings of the Catholic Church.

We are Sent to Love and Serve the Poor

“The Vincentians I have met are joyful people. I heard a call that asked me to set aside time to look more closely at living a life of service to the poor centered on the love of Christ Jesus.”

Voices from Around the Province

Vincentian Family Death Notice

Please pray for the soul of Mr. Yohanes Ariesyanto, father of Fr. Antonius Kurniawan, C.M., who died yesterday in Surabaya-Indonesia at 71 years of age. Fr. Kurniawan is assigned by the Indonesian Province to work at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in South Philadelphia. ...

A Celebration of Many Cultures

As a faith-filled community, we see the face of Christ in everyone we serve regardless of nationality, belief, or background. Join us this month as we celebrate our multicultural Vincentian parishes.

Drawing Deeper to Christ this Lent

Have you missed a Lenten reflection story? Don’t miss your chance to draw deeper to Christ this Lent.

Worldwide Vincentian Family Stands with the People of Venezuela

Venezuela is going through a humanitarian crisis of extraordinary dimensions. … we express our concern and our solidarity in the face of the dramatic situation Venezuelans are experiencing in their country.

Is History Repeating Itself: Part Two

Who could have imagined the changes in society and the Church even just a generation ago? Can we continue to serve those in need as if none of those changes occurred?